Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some final pictures

It occurs to me that I have now been home for about as long as I was in Guatemala. Not so sure how I feel about that really. Every single day I think about my time there and my beautiful little brothers and sisters. In many ways, I wish I could still be there helping them. The only thing that comforts me in that respect is that I know they are being cared for and I know that these children have plenty of love for life and desire to good things - and they will do great things!

My dream is to meet each of them again. I wish I could adequately express my gratitude to them and my gratitude for them. I've yet to have children of my own, but if it's even half as wonderful as life with these kids, I'll be more than content. I'll be ecstatic! I learned so much while living at the Casa. I can't really even begin to describe the impact that the entire experience had on me, so I won't really attempt in this last blog. If you want to know more, please just approach me and ask. Ask about any particular kid, ask about the home, ask about Guatemala, ask about anything and I can regale you for hours with stories of excitement, joy, frustration, hopefulness, silliness - you name it!

Now I find myself back in America, which truly is a great country. New circumstances, new understanding and new opportunities abound. I'm excited for life and all that is in store in the future - both for myself and for the Niños de Guatemala. Life is beatiful!

The best book you'll ever eat! This Book of Mormon cake was a reward for the kids for having taken me up on the challenge to try and read their scriptures with dedication.

Ice cream Grand Finale: Couldn't leave without one more Sarita splurge!

Saying goodbye to our dear friend Miguel in Antigua


Oh, is there a camera? We hadn't noticed...

Story time in the sala, always a fun time

Never a dull moment! I love these kids so much.